samedi 19 janvier 2013

Cosmo Box # 2 - January 2013

So, Cosmopolitan Box Number 2, see what's inside this month ... and if it's worth it to keep the subscription?
I already had echoes of what people thought about it " this one is so craaap" .. I was expecting a box really really crap !
So my expectations were low and I was preparing to unsubscribe when I received this morning my box ... Seriously, I find it great! Although there are only 4 products, and compared to the Little Box and its millions of goodies and drawings, it looks quite empty..
4 products: 3 miniatures and Full Size.
Toni & Guy - Salt Spray effect Beach - 75 ml
Toni & Guy - Sea salt Spray - 75 ml
I love the brand Toni & Guy; it's a quality brand and I often use it when I go to England. I have not yet used this Sea Salt Spray, I would compare it to that  Umberto Gianinni already tested previously. (9.22 € for the full size of 200ml)
Verbena Shower Gel L'Occitane de Provence - 75 ml
Verbena Shower Gel L'Occitane de Provence - 75 ml
L'Occitane is a good brand... just a shower gel ...
24H Moisturizing Cream Light - Garnier (Full Size)
24H Moisturizing Cream Light - Garnier (Full Size)
Garnier moisturizer. I love their cream,  I finished my last one last month and I started the cream of the Pier Augé (got in the last Cosmo Box).
High Impact Mascara - Clinique (Travel Size)
High Impact Mascara - Clinique (Travel Size)
Products reunited!
All products !
To conclude: I keep my subscription, the products suit me and are high quality. 

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