mardi 6 novembre 2012

Reporter : Behind the scenes

I had the great pleasure to go on tour with The Subways on the first three dates of their French tour.
The program was :
  •  Alhambra in Paris
  • Abordage in Evreux
  • Chabada in Angers
These three days were certainly short, but fun! :-)
AllTheRageTv for interviews and RockYourLife .. followed by photoshooting:

Meet & Greet with two fans.
After opening the doors earlier than expected due to the cold. The Dancers arrived on stage with a pop and energetic set. They warmed for half an hour the audience for The Subways.
After 30 minutes, The Subways finally arrived on stage and went mental for 1hour 20 with a setlist of 20 songs including:
  • Songs they have not played in a while (Holiday, Obsession, All Or Nothing, This Is The Club, Kalifornia ...)
  • Songs they rarely or never played live (Lost Boy, Like I Love You ..)
  • Classics (Rock n 'Roll Queen, Oh Yeah, With You, Alright, Shake! Shake! ...)
  • New singles (We Do not Need Money, It's a Party, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ...)
  • a huge "circle pit"  for Turnaround
  • and a jump from the balcony of Billy during the last song of the set "It's a Party".
End of the concert. Curfew.
Let's go to Evreux!
DAY 2: Evreux!
Day 3: Angers!
Last day of the tour.

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  1. Hello, article tres interessant! J'aurais aimé savoir comment as tu fais pour partir en tournée avec the subways?
    Bonne continuation