samedi 22 septembre 2012

My Little Couture Box

Last week so I got my Little Box. As they announced it in July, the "Little"  is no longer a beauty box, but a "life style" box. 2 beauty products, one fashion accessory or design, and goodies.
So this month, because of Fashion Week, the theme is Couture. 
What will I find in the box? :
  • Shopping bag designed by Kanako
  • The accessory of the month will be: Peter Pan collar 
  • A book "My Little Couture Book" where we can find the story of the little black dress, a selection of designers on Etsy etc. ..
  • Coca Cola Light by Jean-Paul Gaultier (i gave to my boyfriend. I hate sodas haha)
  • NoteBook Fiat 500 Liberty (I love it, I have something like 5688 at home haha)
  • Mini-Cards to send drawn by Kanako
  • Paper cut dresses
  • Badge created by designer Miss Emma
  • foot cream , Anatomicals
  • A black pencil/Khol Vera Valenti ( This is definitely something that im getting in every box.... i have a bit stock for the year now)
  • "surprise card"  to participate to the Jean-Paul Gaultier  Fashion show (but I didnt win. only one subscriber will have this opportunity)

Conclusion: Well, I keep the subscription for now. Just to see what it's gonna be the the next few months... For now, it is not great. But it's still decent (and this is their first "lifestyle" box .. so I wait a bit)

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