samedi 22 septembre 2012

Nail : Shade nail polish with a sponge

I wanted to try this famous thing that some girls do, with two colors of nail vanish with makeup sponges.
For this, I needed:
  • a base coat
  • nail polish white (or pearl like mine)
  • dark blue "petrol" Marionnaud
  • Kiko blue
  • a mat top coat 
  • Make up sponges (H & M)
  • a plastic film (to put the colors somewhere else than your table haha)
  • some sellotape (to protect your fingers!)
Ready? here we go!
We put the base coat and the white / pearl. 
Then protect your fingers with the sellotape.
Put your 2 colours on the plastic sheet & get ready the sponge.
then press on nails, pass several times if needed.
you can clean the mistakes on the fingers with a cotton swab with some solvent on it. Wait a bit then put the mat top coat.
Et voilà !

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