mardi 24 juillet 2012

My Little Travel Box

It was time to receive it! but I'm a bit disappointed ...
Regarding goodies and presentation, there nothing to say:
The box opens as a small suitcase  - which is really cute
The pouch with the logo MLB
a sleeve to protect a passport so cute that i'm going to use it ! 
a cushion for the beach Princess TamTam (It's been 4 years that I haven't been on a beach ... but it can be useful)

A school book of holidays "for big girls"
Postcards made by Kanako
My Little Book Travel
and leaflet products.
Let's see the products now ...
Sun Protective oil Full Size L'Oreal Solar Expertise (15 .. thank you but I'm a see through zombie so I usually put SPF 30 minimum ... up to 50)
An Eau de Cologne "Eau des Minimes" - Couvent of the Minimes (30ml) ... seriously a cologne that smells like lemonade ...
and then  ...
L'embellisseur apricot Agnes B 10 ml sample 
Lancôme Hypnose Star mascara - sample ...
Double disappointment at the end .. 4 products, 2 samples ... I've been looking at other blogs and girls had one more product and a lots of better thing compare to my box...
To conclude my big disappointment of this box:
The Little Box stops being a beauty box, and will be a box of surprises from September .. only 2 cosmetics, goodies, a surprise design / fashion accessory and mini books .. i will wait and i'll see later!

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